Mystery Quilt Monthly Instructions

Update as of 5/2017 - The mystery quilt alongs hosted by Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs will not longer be using MailChimp to send out the monthly pdf files instruction files.

MailChimp has been awesome for the last year but we have now outgrown the free version.  MailChimp is free for less than 2,000 subscribers, however as soon as you hit 2,001 subscribers (which we are dangerously close to) the price goes up to $30 a month (so $360 per year).  I just can't afford hundreds of dollars to send out a dozen e-mails over the course of a year so I have figured out a new (and I think even better) way of getting you the pdf files.

In the monthly instructions posts on my blog, I will be including a link to the downloadable file.  These links to the files will be available until the reveal parade, so hopefully it will be easier for quilters to join in during the quilt along.  I will be posting more about how to download the files in June 2017 (along with a practice file) so that everyone will be set by the start of the quilt along.

To ensure sure that you get all of Magnolia Mystery quilt information and instructions, please follow my blog via e-mail, bloglovin, or other blog reading service so you don't miss a post :)

You can find the links to follow my blog on the right hand side of the blog page right under my picture (these options only show in the full website, not on the mobile version of the site).  To follow by Bloglovin (my favorite way to organize and read the blogs I follow), click the button with the plus sign (circled in red below).  To follow by e-mail, type in your e-mail address and press submit (circled in red below).  You will get an e-mail regarding your subscription and you will have to confirm that you do want to subscribe.

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